Complete list of activities for the dissemination of the Life Extruclean project.

Extruclean layman's report
D.3-Layman´s report

LIFE EXTRUCLEAN project aims to demonstrate the viability of the implementation of a more efficient technology in the recycling of plastics, specifically in the recycling of polyethylene (PE) packages that have contained hazardous substances, based on the use of supercritical carbon dioxide (sc-CO2), leading to a recycled material free of hazardous contaminants and a recycling process with improved efficiency in comparison with the current technology.

Plastic packages that have contained hazardous substances become hazardous waste after use. EU legislation covering hazardous waste requires Members States to comply with certain rules concerning its collection, handling, recycling and treatment.

 The layman's report is a magazine that serves to inform decision-makers and non-technical parties on the objectives of the project and the results achieved.

 This is a stand-alone document, done in a magazine of 12 pages in total and also available in digital format via the project´s website.

It is written in both English and Spanish and it contains photos, data tables and other images that illustrate the aim and results of the project.

 It includes a summary of the project´s scope, techniques, results achieved, environmental impact and economic benefits as well as the transferability of the project results.

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