ECOFLEXOBAG: Development and demonstration of Best Practices to Design and Produce Sustainable Commercial Bags


ECOFLEXOBAG is a European project that has as main objective the reduction of the environmental impact of commercial plastic bags. The project deals with the development and demonstration of an innovative methodology for the systematic application of ecodesign in SMEs manufacturing commercial bags.

This methodology incorporates a series of informative and operative tools, including best practices for the design and printing of sustainable bags and for monitoring their production. All these tools and best practices have been integrated in an online tool accessible through the website of the project. The online tool will allow SMEs to keep in mind all the design requirements based on a life-cycle approach, the application of more sustainable alternatives and the control and monitoring of the production process, including information about environmental aspects, quality, costs and fulfilment of legal requirements.

ECOFLEXOBAG project has been developed by a European consortium (AIDO and AIMPLAS from Spain, Dienstencentrum from the Netherlands, VTT from Finland and Enviros from Czech Republic). The project has been funded by the European Commission under the LIFE+ 2011 Programme (contract number LIFE11 ENV /ES/646)  and has counted with the collaboration of the companies’ network related to the commercial plastic bags manufacturing sector.

Project website: http://www.ecoflexobag.com