5th newsletter LIFE EXTRUCLEAN


During the first half of the project, EXTRUCLEAN technology was set at pilot plant level and the decontamination process was optimized using polyethylene jerricans contaminated in a controlled way with simulant liquids representative of the different contaminants in hazardous plastic waste. In the second half, implementation of the EXTRUCLEAN technology at industrial scale is carried out and decontamination trials with real hazardous waste are being performed.

In the last months of the project, work is focused on finishing the industrial scale-up processes, involving the use of the new technology at ACTECOS´s facilities and the production of jerricans made from the new recycled polyethylene. The new packages will be validated for the transport of hazardous substances and miscellaneous. Other aspects like the economic viability and the reduction of the environmental impact with the production and use of the new packages will also be defined in the last stage. The project is programmed to end on 30th June 2017

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